Purpose And Mission

About Department Purpose And Mission





Definition of environmental health:

The field of environmental health is a branch of health sciences that its graduate, by identifying harmful factors and environmental pollutants, by carrying out planning, design, implementation, monitoring, managerial and educational evaluation based on scientific criteria, the risky effects of pollutants. Controls or prevents their release into the environment.

Field mission:

The field of environmental health is formed to present the educational programs of talented and worthy youth of the country in this specialized field according to the values ​​governing the society and regulations, laws, existing standards and based on the achievements, progress and regional and international developments.

Graduates of this field are committed, professional and efficient people, who are able to identify, prevent and control environmental pollutants through planning, design, management, training and implementation at the desired level and promote the culture of environmental health and community health. And take effective steps to protect the environment.