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Health school

School of Health in 1995 as a school with two associate degrees of environmental health and public health (family health trends and disease control) Established in 2002, student also accepted an associate degree in occupational health

This school in 2009 with the admission of undergraduate students in the mentioned fields was promoted to the faculty. In 1390, accepted a student in Entomology, Biology and Disease Control. In 1392-1390, this faculty accepted master's degree students in the fields of epidemiology, health education and health promotion. In 2016-2017, the first group of undergraduate students in Biology and Disease Control and Bachelor of Biostatistics were accepted. In 2020, master's degree students in environmental health were admitted to this faculty.

The faculty currently has 10 laboratories and workshops including media, occupational health, entomology, environmental microbiology, environmental chemistry and hydraulic workshops, drawing, mapping, plumbing and pump motors.








  1. The Faculty of Health strives to provide suitable conditions for the provision and training of skilled, specialized, committed, professional,  efficient and teamwork human resources based on the needs of the community.

  2. The Faculty of Health tries to take steps to improve the quantity and quality of faculty members and educational staff by providing infrastructure facilities for the development of education and research.

  3. The Faculty of Health strives to participate in responsive education programs in order to maintain and promote community health, environmental protection, and so on.




The Faculty of Health intends to strengthen and improve the quality of the existing disciplines in the faculty in line with the macro policies of the relevant ministry and the university, and to work diligently to obtain new disciplines in accordance with the needs of the community. In this regard, we want to provide educational, health, research and student services to the extent of empowerment and quality improvement that while producing science and training of capable students, to reduce community health problems and increase the satisfaction of service recipients, improve educational and research quality In medical sciences, we have achieved an acceptable level of existing standards and become a suitable model in the region and level universities.

We want to provide an environment in which the dignity of faculty members, staff, students and graduates is respected and the necessary facilities to be aware of the latest developments in science and advanced technology and a suitable platform for the flourishing of talents and creativity of all faculty members,  Academic staff and students.

The Faculty of Health emphasizes on observing and promoting Islamic and spiritual values, preserving human dignity and the pivotal role of human resources in all dimensions, and in order to strive to observe professional ethics, transparency and accountability to society, faculty members, students and Employees, as well as maintaining intellectual property and supporting teamwork at all levels of academia and using strategic thinking in solving problems in relation to their assigned tasks.